The Show-me Academy

Writing session

After the showcases, exchanges and brainstorming sessions of the weekend, the Show-me artists are invited to a writing workshop. Divided into different teams, their mission is to compose to one or two titles which they then record in a Zurich studio.

The tracks will be released as a free download on Show-me and artists’ social media. The tracks will also be offered to professional publishers and submitted to SACEM copyright.
Available via streaming on the usual listening web platforms (Spotify, Deezer, etc …), these compilations will benefit from fantastic promotion thanks to the partnership between Show-me and the digital distributor Idol.
These workshops also aim to create links between musicians from different backgrounds in order for them to share their different approaches as DIY artist during the sessions.
Show-me retains ownership of the Mastertapes.

The Show-me Academy is restricted to Show-me Laureats. Non public event.

show-me academy 2018