The Jury

Olivier Bas
In September 2015, Olivier Bas joined the Studio des Variétés as head of the creative division, a structure dedicated to the development of contemporary music artists.
He has previously had various roles in the record industry and is part of the “Nouvelle Star” jury panel.




Olivier Boccon-Gibod / Horizon productions

Olivier Boccon-Gibod is the founder and director of the Horizon publishing and production company (specialising in live tours and music releases). He’s been co-programming the Nouvelles Voix festival in Villefranche-sur-Saône since 2011. He is also the head secretary of FAIR, a French company that helps musicians kick-start their careers.



Dženan Čolpa / Diapazona

Born in Sarajevo, Dženan Čolpa relocated to Switzerland after deciding to launch Diapazona with the intention of promoting alternative, underground and under-exposed artists from all over the world.




Jérôme Galabert /Sakifo

For more than twenty years, Jérôme Galabert has been developing and working for the music and culture of Reunion Island. As the head of the Sakifo Festival and other projects, he is keen to develop Reunionese talent, as well as  a booking and publishing company through the Sakifo label.



Jakob Graf / Musiques en été

Swiss Music activist, Jakob Graf is an independent promoter who runs the Geneva-based Musiques en Eté and organises events with local venues such as Cave12, Le Bateau, L’Usine, La Gravière, l’Epicentre and Alhambra. Jakob Graf is also the instigator and project manager for the app “Genève en été”.



Eddie Hatitye / ACCES

As the executive director of the Music In Africa Foundation, Eddie Hatitye has travelled across the globe setting up networks and implementing various projects including ACCES, The Music In Africa Conference for Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases. Eddie is also an producer for underground african acts.



Claire Henocque / Tour Makers

In 2014, with more than ten years of professional experience as an international booking agent, Claire Henocque founded Tour Makers with the aim of working for French and international artists worldwide.




Jordana Leigh  / Atrium David Rubenstein – Lincoln Center

Jordana is the Director of the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center in New York, a venue she helped open in 2009.




Xavier Lemettre / Banlieues Bleues

Since 2001 the director of Banlieues Bleues, Xavier Lemettre, has been running the renowned Seine Saint-Denis festival on the north east outskirts of Paris, as well as La Dynamo club in Pantin throughout the year.



Frédérique Ménard / Tribu Festival

Frédérique Ménard founded and directs Zutique productions, one of the most important cultural bodies in Dijon that manages the Tribu Festival, the Humanbeatbox Festival, Repérages, cultural activities and touring artists in France and abroad.



Stéphanie-Aloysia Moretti / Montreux Jazz Talent Awards

Stéphanie has worked at the Montreux Jazz Festival where she manages cultural mediation for 30 years: workshops, competitions, the Academy as well as being curator of the House of Jazz which hosts the Talent Awards, workshops and jams. These activities are organized by the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation, a foundation declared of public utility in which she is the artistic director.



Aleksander Motturi /Clandestino Festival

Aleksander Motturi, born in 1970, has been working as a novelist, philosopher, artistic director and founder of Clandestino Festival in Göteborg Sweden since 2003.




Lena Müller /Handshake booking

Lena Müller is a German-based booking agent at Handshake Booking – an internationally renowned agency which mainly focuses on World music, Jazz and Pop artists, such as  China Moses, Mayra Andrade, Hindi Zahra and Tomatito, amongst many others.



Stéphane Radice / l’épicentre – Collonge-Bellerive

After several years in the music industry (production, management, communication), Stéphane took the lead of l’épicentre, a venue in Collonge-Bellerive, in the countryside of Geneva, in 2004. Since then, he has been collaborating with various festivals and presenting confirmed and emerging artists from all over the world.



Adrien Romedenne / La Datcha

Active in the field of music production for several years, artistic director of the La Datcha club in Lausanne, Adrien Romedenne has created and manages the Association 45 tour. The latter promotes and broadcasts artists in the media libraries of Francophone countries.



Christoph Spicher / Zermatt Unplugged

Christoph Spicher has been a proactive member of the music business for over ten years. As co-programmer of the acoustic Zermatt Unplugged festival, he has developed the new-talent stages and showcased some of the most promising emerging artists of recent times. In his role as Production Manager at Paleo Festival in Nyon, he has worked with many big headline names.



Franck Zosso

Frank Zosso has been active on the French-speaking music scene for several years, notably with Sofar Sounds Lausanne, an association that aims to promote artists and local venues





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