DJ Noss

DJ Noss defines his music as ‘contemporary ancestrality’. Not quite traditional or tropical, his sound is the   continuation of a Martiniquais musical style called Bèlè. A versatile artist, Noss lives his musical dimension accompanied by turntables, machines and his Bélé drums. Alone or in collaboration, he is in constant search of new vibrations and

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Andrina Bollinger

Andrina Bollinger, beyond the limits

This German-speaking singer is originally from Engadine. Also a composer and multi-instrumentalist, Andrina Bollinger constantly pushes the limits of sound, exploring contrasts and working with different musical repertoires. She has already collaborated with the cream of Swiss jazz including Erik Truffaz, Michael Flury and Ingrid Lukas. Active in two Eclecta and JPTR duets, she also

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Thais Té

Between poetry and emotion, the young French singer-songwriter carves out intimate songs inspired by her daily life and inner world. Steeped in music from an early age, Thais Té has been writing her own lyrics since she was twelve. Through her sincerity, she seeks to bring intense emotions and to invite introspection. To deepen the

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