Dida Guigan, the show-woman

Born in Beirut, adopted by Switzerland, Dida Guigan sings and explains her different languages and cultures. After studying at the HEK Bern, she left to learn about Arabic music in Egypt and Lebanon. After recording different CDs with different bands, Dida Guigan began thinking up ways of performing more intimately as a solo artist.

While meditating in her local park, she met Pascal Auberson, a long-time Swiss-Romand singer also filled with emotion and a variety of voices, plus a relationship to the body. Thanks to his advice, Dida then came up with the idea of “Pourquoi j’ai pas fait la Star Ac” (“Why I never did Star Academy”), a one-woman show where she tells her story with both modesty and humor, singing in English, French and Arabic, playing the piano and sometimes wearing her percussion-bell anklets.



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