DJ Noss

DJ Noss defines his music as ‘contemporary ancestrality’. Not quite traditional or tropical, his sound is the   continuation of a Martiniquais musical style called Bèlè. A versatile artist, Noss lives his musical dimension accompanied by turntables, machines and his Bélé drums.

Alone or in collaboration, he is in constant search of new vibrations and mixtures. His sets awaken the essence of perception, allowing the listener to see, hear and feel. An initiatory trance where Afrobeat infiltrates Trap, electro spills into Caribbean music, Baile Funk marries  Bélé. His music has no borders: France, Spain, USA and Ghana are just some of the countries where he could share the stage with artists like Sons of Kemet, Mos Def or DJ SNAKE. His new EP “2700” was released in 2019.




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