Eliasse, blues and rock from Comoros

Eliasse describes his music as a crossroads between blues, rock and traditional Comorian rhythms, ‘Za ngoma’. The term in Comorian means « everything that comes from percussion ». For Eliasse, it’s a way of qualifying his music, born of multiple influences (African, Eastern and European) Like Keziah Jones, this singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Moroni came to music late, learning it in the street, since there was no subway on the island. Once he fell into it ten years ago, collaborations and concerts have followed thick and fast, as if the young islander had always been part of this artistic universe. On stage, this autodidact depicts the socio-political situation of his archipelago, working in groups of variable line-ups but always remaining the central element of these different musical formats, touring in France and in the Indian Ocean. After spending some time in Mayotte, he currently resides in France but continues to sing of his native Indian Ocean on themes that speak of dreams rather than disillusionment. He is someone capable of turning dust into gold, a blessing for us all.

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