Estelle Giordani

For the past two years, Estelle Giordani has been a sensation in Haute-Savoie with her dry guitar and luminous voice. Her way of holding and stretching the notes by loading them with emotions, a sense of gimmick and an anchoring that draws from the roots of the blues is what makes this author-composer-performer a musical personality to follow. A Do It Yourself artist par excellence, Estelle Giordani is a graphic designer by day and a poet by night. She reinvents the French folk song in her own way, juggling between purified verb and melancholy.

In her lair, she edits her sound entirely alone and makes her video clips with the help of a few cameramen, illustrators and photographers. A first EP was released at the end of 2019, a second one is expected in autumn 2020. A worked authenticity that touches at close range.

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