Show-me Lab

MOODS, ZURICH, 26.01.2020, 09:30-18:00

Sunday 26th of January will be dedicated to brainstorming. Nominees, jury and industry professionals (digital distribution specialists, online presence, labels, bookers, agents, start-ups, cooperatives) will meet for round table debates, lunch and a participatory workshop. The event will be followed by bloggers who have posted their texts, videos or audio recordings on the Show-me blog in the weeks after the event.

The complete program will be announced in October 2019.

This is a non public event, open to a limited number of Swiss or European artists.


Show-me workshops in 2018

6 round table debates/themed workshops with 5 artists, a moderator and a copywriter per table. Duration of each session: 45 minutes. Each artist subscribes to 3 round table sessions.


  • 1st session: 10 am-10.45 am
  • 2nd session: 10.50 am-11.35 am
  • 3rd session: 11.40 am–12.25 pm

Round table 1 (in French)

Artist’s collectives. Guest speakers : Rodolphe Rouchausse du collectif Polca (F), Laurent Bodin of IDeal Right – business management for self-entrepreneur artists (F). Chairperson: Eva Dreano, communication and production officer.

Round table 2 (in English)

Digital distribution, its importance, its stakes. Guest speakers: Imusician – Sourivanh Thalong (CH), Idol – Julien Kourbatof (FR). Chairperson: Eric Vandepoorter, consulting and business management, ex-label manager for RCA-BMG

Round table 3 (in French)

When and how to get noticed by a booking agency? Guest speakers: Tour Makers – Claire Henocque ( F), and French speaking programmers and jury members of Show-me:Marie José Justamond, Patrick Duval et Jean-Yves Cavin. Modération: Céline Gex, Fondation Suisa.

Round table 3 bis (in English)

When and how to get noticed by a booking agency? Guest speakers: Purple Base – Polo Rueza (F) and English speaking programmers and jury members of Show-me: Andy Jones, Bev Burton, Nicklas Weis Damkjaer… Modération: Beatrice Venturini, DJ journalist and music researcher.

Round table 4 (in french)

Artists, how to diversify your musical activities? (from music to image, music and dance, music and theatre, musical mediation, copyright, etc…) Guest speakers: Yvonne Meyer, member of the association committee of Médiation musicale en Suisse (CH), Jakob Graf, programmer at Musiques en été, cultural entrepreneur Show-me jury member. Chairperson: Blick Bassy, artist

Round table 5 (in english/french)

The importance of online visibility. Guest speakers: Myriam Pichard – teacher training Specialist in Social Media and Digital Strategy at SAWI Romandie (CH), Laurence Desarzens, director of the Flon site, jazz and contemporary music, High school of Musique in Lausanne. Chairperson: Elisabeth Stoudmann, journalist (print and web) et project manager.

12.30 pm – 2:30 pm

networking buffet

A convivial buffet where speakers and artists will continue to converse over a drink and a bite to eat.

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