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Marzia + Ella = Marzella

The Marzella duo is formed of the deep voice of Marzia and the more crystalline one of Ella. These two young Swiss Romandes, whose voices seem to merge into one when they sing, have been sharing their musical passion for 9 years. Singing in both English and Italian, their goal is to convey messages and feelings. Their self-produced debut album “To You” has been broadcast on Swiss and European radio. From the recording of their songs to the promotion of their project, these two young women are single-handedly managing their careers in the hope of preserving the authenticity of their music. Since 2015, they have been performing in several European capitals and their next challenge will be to record an EP, for the first time, in French.

Meduoteran, from Istanbul to Serbia
Ariel Ariel, solo and squared

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