Nelida Karr

In her early twenties, Nelida Karr is “the” musical revelation of Equatorial Guinea. Multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, she draws her inspiration from her homeland. In a music that is both energetic and plural, which she calls Afro-fusion, she mixes the rhythms of her Bubi ethnic group with Spanish and South American sounds.
Nelida released her first album at the age of 20 and then self-produced another two in 2013 and in 2018. This earned her a place as a finalist in the RFI newcomers prize in 2013, and won her first prize in the Vis à Vis musical rendezvous, organized by the Guinean Ministry of Culture and Casa Africa in 2018. The so-called “diva
of Equatorial Guinea” stands out as a true model for the younger generation and strongly illustrates the success of women in the African music business.



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