The Hié Sisters and their crazy dance

Melissa and Ophelia are Les Soeurs Hié. Equipped with a djembe and a balafon, along with other instruments such as the doum and various percussions, the two sisters create their own universe filled with improvisation, dance and unlimited energy. Mixing their traditional musical influences, drawing directly from the source of their Turka origins in Burkina Faso, whilst not forgetting to the urban music that rocked their childhood and adolescence in Bordeaux. Mélissa and Ophélia sail through their show creating different moods. Guided by their ancestors in a trance, they alternate between solos and sustained rhythms, sometimes echoing all the African roots of world music (groove, funk, Afro-Cuban, jazz). The audience has no choice but to follow and enter the crazy dance set off by these dynamic sisters.

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