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YouTube has developed into quite the massive lumbering internet video tech property over the years, with its fingers in a number of pies. Regardless, it remains an important tool for artists, so here we delve into exactly what each YouTube brand/property is.


By Chris Robley of CDBaby from the DIY Musician blog

A breakdown of the various YouTube brands and properties.

YouTube has launched (and re-launched) several similar-sounding products over the years, so here’s a quick breakdown of those different services, what they offer, and how they work.

1. YouTube

The free, ad-supported video platform we all know and love.

It’s free to create a channel and publish videos, and it’s free to watch them. Channels that meet the YouTube Partner Program criteria can monetize their videos, and revenue is generated through advertisements and paid subscriber views.

If you’ve uploaded your videos to YouTube, your music is there. If someone else uploaded your music to YouTube, well, your music is probably there, and you’ll be able to earn any associated ad revenue through CD Baby’s YouTube Monetization service.

2. YouTube Premium

A subscription-based, ad-free YouTube experience.

This subscription service ($11.99/month) lets users watch videos without ads, access exclusive content that is only available to subscribers, and get ad-free streaming from YouTube Music.

But okay, what’s YouTube Music?

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